Jenny Irvinsson


Contributions/Instruments: Lead Vocals, Songwriting, Mixing
Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Favorite Song Made: Lucky Channel, Harold Goes to College
Hobbies: Being a total fucking nerd, Simping for nonexistent anime women, Crying
Musical Influence: Jeff Rosenstock, R.E.M., Ween, The Blinds, Tally Hall, and anything with Mike Patton

Jenny Irvinsson is the the lead vocalist of Kinetosis, and by extension essentially the face of the band. On top of this, she contributes most of the midi programming as well as a good portion of the songs, including but not limited to "Dave Grohl Goes to Denny's", "This Is An Artistic Choice", "Asshole Obliteration", and the nearly six minute "Now, No Novocaine."

Jenny holds a deep sadness within her, primarily in her ginger hair. Her hobbies include frequenting local pizzerias, watching "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," going to college, and having a lot of sex. She is also notable for her famous catchphrase, "have fun with that," and for owning world famous cat Big Smoke, who is rumored to have shot Tupac.