Kona Scott


Contributions/Instruments: Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting, Drum & Midi Programming
Origin: Ohio
Favorite Song Made: Lucky Channel/Mushrooms on the Shore
Hobbies: Doomscrolling music forums, hanging out with the hosts pets at events, dominating Mario Kart 64, drinking water.
Musical Influence: Ween, They Might Be Giants, Sparklehorse, The Beatles, Tally Hall, Nirvana

Kona Scott has done, to put it lightly, a lot of shit for us - guitar, songwriting, lyrics, vocals, midi programming, mixing, teaching Jenny how to do the most basic computer stuff, and more. He has been involved in nearly all of our songs in one form or another as well as being one of, if not THE most driving creative mind behind this project. Some of his most notable contributions include writing "Cyanide Sweetened with Aspartame", "Kasso Thwarts the Reaper", "Interrobang", and the incredibly-heartbreaking-but-Kona-won't-believe-it-if-you-tell-him-that song, "I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die", in addition to writing or cowriting dozens more tracks.

In his free time, Kona likes to stare at anthills for hours on end, make "AH!" noises with his mouth at random intervals, and not shower. His favorite color is brown, his favorite restaurant is the Soap Store (with Fazoli's being a close second) and he hates Cincinatti with a burning passion. One time he also told me to go fuck myself with a rusty spork, which I think was pretty cool.